Saturday, January 29, 2011

remind me why i like old homes...

a bit ago we had a 4 day weekend and bryan went to the basement for a workout on his new smith machine (that he put's huge). a few minutes later he came up flustered saying our basement flooded...what? apparently, the expansion tanks became water logged and began to seep onto the floors. we are not talking inches, but enough to warrant reorganizing things, emptying boxes and assessing water damage with pictures (of course photo albums got wet). the service dude came out that afternoon (an accomplishment in the post storm craziness) and made the proper adjustments. luckily, our basement is dry and bryan is a smart man so things were dried up that night. time to get more plastic bins...

heating with oil. man o man. are you kidding me with this? we must have a hole in our home somewhere or a door or window is always open. i admit it is rather cool inside and i knew it would be more to heat this place, but jees. i'm ready to see how much it would cost to overhaul our heating system altogether. ok, at least have an expert evaluate our energy inefficiencies, especially during these winter months. there are two humongous oil tanks in the basement. they have been filled twice. and need to be filled again soon. get out your sweaters and socks everyone, it may get a little cooler in the house.

damn ice dams. lots of snow, sunshine, it's the perfect storm. luckily the pitch of our roof makes the snow slide right off, but our gutters are jam packed with ice. besides needing a new roof and gutters (and probably a reinsulated attic), someone (ok, not me) is worried about water pouring into the house. i have a feeling these are isolated incidents because of the excessive amounts of snow, but who knows what will happen. just supporting all preventative efforts.

if i think about all this, it can be overwhelming. so i don't.

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